This is part of a series of quests.

Location NPC Rewards
Soury Village Harraka Learn how to craft arrows

Talk to Harraka the arrowsmith, located in the south-west or more commonly in the south-east part of the Soury Village. Ask him about his sword and he will give it to you, so you can bring it to Utt in the Temple of Silence. The Glass Sword has a very high attack power, but also a very low durability. This means the weapon will irreparably break after a few hits once the durability reaches 0. Therefore, don't use it if you want to learn how to craft arrows.

The Temple of Silence can be found somewhere in the lower end of the Smothering Caves dungeon. Utt is to the center north of the zone and will take the sword from you. Upon receiving it he will teach you how to craft arrows (10 arrows for 1 steel ingot).

If you play as the Midget Goblin you cannot wield a bow. Therefore it is recommended to just use the glass sword yourself.