This is part of a series of quests.

Location NPC Rewards
Cellar in the Temple of Silence Boar's head on a spike Health Scroll

Go to the Temple of Silence and enter the cellar, where a boar's head on a spike begs you to bring him the bearded kobold's scroll. The bearded kobold is a rare monster that spawns somewhere in the Smothering Caves. The annoying beast will teleport all over the place, so it is recommended to have a decent vision radius and movement speed (tactic: berserk can help with mowing him down fast). Fortunately the creature is not very strong.

Once the Bearded Kobold dies he will drop his scroll. Return it to the boar's head who will transform into a human. He will then threaten to kill you if you don't give him 4 copper coins. If you give them to him he will ignore you, and if you do not give them to you he will just threaten to attack you.

He is not very strong, so you can treacherously attack him ('u'). After killing him he will drop whatever copper coins you have given him and also a health scroll which will permanently upgrade your maximum health. He will also never actually pick up the Bearded Kobold's scroll, so you can pick it up again. Whether it has any uses beyond this point remains unclear.