When starting the game you can choose from a list of characters to play as. The characters are intricately tied to the difficulty of the game. It might seem counter-intuitive that a midget goblin is easier to play as than an old and powerful Lich, but the difficulty settings are not wrong.

There are 5 characters in total, and each is tied to a difficulty level. It is important to note that the difficulty level affects the starting stats of a character, and the listed stats on each page are only for the difficulty the character is generally associated with. For instance, the Midget Goblin at Hell difficulty only has 46 HP, while at normal difficulty it has around 250 HP. Difficulty seems to affect only starting HP and attack power.

Character Difficulty Description
Midget Goblin Normal High survivability, but few growth options
The Lord Normal Start with Pat, your trusty companion servant
Old Soldier Hard Easiest starting character.
Lone Spirit Very Hard Possess enemies to advance the game.
Immortal Lich Hell Low survivability, but many growth options