This is part of a series of quests.

Location NPC Rewards
An Odd Cellar A demon with a trunk on his muzzle Random potions and resins

The Soury Village is host to many secrets areas. If you pay close attention to the walls, some tiles will stand out as being different. If you move adjacent to them they will reveal a hidden lever, which will open the wall when pulled. One such secret areas hides a staircase to an odd cellar, which functions as a jail for slaves used by the demons.

This location always spawns the broken sword which has a low attack power, but applies a fire debuff on your opponents making it quite strong for the early game. Sometimes this sword spawns being 'cursed' or having 'durability', but this is not always the case.

On the bottom left part of the cellar is another secret wall. Behind it is a demon with a trunk on his muzzle. Questioning him about his presence here has him tell you to talk to his superior. This demon is located in a small temple accessible from the Subterranean Dwarves village, but he is unfortunately invisible.

Once you have obtained a means to see invisible (usually from rings) you can see the demon and talk to him. Tell him you'll rat him out to the mayor of the Soury Village and go there next. Talk to the mayor who will tell you to bring him to the temple you just came from. He will follow you like a companion would and you must walk him all the way there, keeping him safe. If he survives the ordeal he will tell you of his plans and gives you a bunch of items to keep your mouth shut (random potions and resins).