There are several types of items you will find on your journey. Items are roughly subdivided into three classes of rarity: common is when you regularly encounter them in secret areas or when commonly occurring monsters drop them. Uncommon is when you always seem to find some, but not regularly. Rare items will not be found every frequently at all, and most early games you won't even encounter them. The game makes no distinction here and drop rates aren't known.

Consumables Edit

Potions Edit

Potion Description Rarity Buyable
Protection Beverage Increases your damage reduction Common No
Attack Beverage Increases your attack power Common No
Speed Beverage Increases your movement speed Common No
Universal Antidote Cures poison Common Yes
Ether of Primeval Purity Upgrades your equipped weapon Rare No
Healing Potion Heals some of your health Common Yes
Restoration Elixir Heals all of your health Rare No
Purification Potion Removes non-permanent corruption Uncommon No
Invisibility Potion Makes you invisible for a number of ticks Uncommon No
Explosive Potion Destroys a 3x3 section of destructible walls Rare Yes
Confusion Ether Applies confusion to targeted enemies Uncommon Yes
Liquid Fire Applies Fire Attack debuff to targeted enemy Uncommon No
Acid Potion Creates a pool of acid on the floor Uncommon No
Speed Curse Potion Lowers the speed of the targeted enemy Uncommon No
Polymorph Potion Polymorphs the targeted enemy into ?? Rare No

Other Edit

Item Description Rarity Buyable
Mantrap Drop it on the ground to prevent the enemy who steps in it from moving Uncommon No
Arrow Consumed when used with a bow. Common Yes
Crucible Steel Ingot Can be used to craft arrows (once you learn how to) Common No

Weapons and Armor Edit

Item Rarity Type Material Weight
Lightning Unique Sword Mythril Medium
Snake Eye Unique Bow Hazel Light

Artifacts Edit

Item Type Where to Find
Moonlight Sword Razi Slaver Quest, ?
Steppe Wind Longbow Razi Slaver Quest, ?
Carapace of Apratosh Armor Razi Slaver Quest, ?
Mossy Stone Armor The Vault, ?
Amber Friend Ring The Vault