The world map is split in two sections, considered 'early game' and 'late game'. Dungeon floors are furthermore heavily interconnected.

Villages and Temples Edit

Name Connections
Western Passage World Map (early)
Fair World Map (early), Portal Room (hidden), Pit of Death
Soury Village World Map (early), Secret Jail (hidden), Blue Robes (hidden)
Wood Cabin World Map (early)
Subterranean Dwarves Smothering Caves, Subterranean Temple
Subterranean Temple Subterranean Dwarves
Goblin Village Lower Caves (sometimes), Smothering Caves (sometimes)
Blue Robes Soury Village (hidden), Smothering Caves (blocked)
Temple of Silence Smothering Caves, Prison, Doors Area (hidden)
Small Room Smothering Caves (sometimes), Pit of Death (sometimes

Dungeons Edit

Dungeons are hostile sections mostly consisting of multiple floors. Dungeons have complex interconnections formed by procedural generation. Therefore, connections to other locations within these dungeons appear on random floors, and sometimes in random dungeons altogether.

Name Connnections Floors
Smothering Caves World Map, Blue Robes (blocked), Temple of Silence, Subterranean Dwarves, Goblin Village (sometimes), Small Room (sometimes), Loot Cave (locked), Swampy Caves, Lower Caves, Pit of Death 6