Difficulty: Very Hard

I have not used this character (yet). This character has no talents that can be learned every 5 levels. It starts with 200 HP (second highest of all characters) and has the ability to possess enemies, just like the Immortal Lich.

 Starting Stats Edit

These are the stats this character starts with. The Training column shows the range of the randomly determined value the stat increases with when it is chosen during leveling. The max. column shows the maximum value for this stat.

Stat Value Training Max.
Movement Delay
Attack Delay
Attack Damage
View Radius
Dodge Chance

Starting Resistances Edit

The starting resistances for this character. The Invis. column is for "Harder to turn invisible", which is the failure chance (in percentage) on going invisible. The heal column is for "Health growth inhibition", which is the percentage reduction of effect on any source of healing.

Conf. Elec. Evil Acid Pois. Cold Fire Invis.1 Heal2

Advantages and Disadvantages Edit

The lone spirit has the following advantages and disadvantages:

  • + Can possess enemy bodies, retaining all of their abilities
  • - Can't use items
  • - Can't speak

Spirit Possession Edit

The body of an opponent (only hostile opponents) can be taken over and used, retaining all its stats. If the body dies, the spirit lives on.

Limitations Edit

Due to only being able to take over bodies, the lone spirit is unable to use items, speak to NPCs, or even attack them. This is only possible when a body is taken over. Due to this, the lone spirit's stats are useless and he has no talents what so ever.