Difficulty: Normal

The goblin starts with the highest HP of all characters (250) and has no limitation on obtaining more. This, in combination with his ability to dodge, makes him a character with high survivability. The goblin does not start with any equipment, but if you are familiar with the starting zones you can easily find some equipment before you have your first combat encounter.

 Starting Stats Edit

These are the stats this character starts with. The Training column shows the range of the randomly determined value the stat increases with when it is chosen during leveling. The max. column shows the maximum value for this stat.

Stat Value Training Max.
Movement Delay
Attack Delay
Attack Damage
View Radius
Dodge Chance

Starting Resistances Edit

The starting resistances for this character. The Invis. column is for "Harder to turn invisible", which is the failure chance (in percentage) on going invisible. The heal column is for "Health growth inhibition", which is the percentage reduction of effect on any source of healing.

Conf. Elec. Evil Acid Pois. Cold Fire Invis.1 Heal2

Advantages and Disadvantages Edit

The midget goblin has the following advantages and disadvantages:

  • + Nimble, dodges splendidly, runs fast
  • - Short height, prohibits using bows
  • - Short height, prohibits wearing cuirasses
  • - Frail build, prevents him from developing strong unarmed attacks

Passive Bonuses Edit

The goblin has a chance to gain more points when leveling Dodge or Movement Speed, both valuable in completely avoiding damage. Due to his frail build, he gains fewer points in Attack Power and has a vastly reduced maximum value in this stat.

Gear Limitations Edit

The goblin cannot use any bows and cannot wear any cuirasses.

Bows are useful against strong enemies to attack them from a distance, often applied with hit & run tactics (but consume arrows). The goblin's inherent speed makes up for this flaw, however. He can still use throwing knives.

Cuirasses are an extra source of damage reduction (physical and resistances), which the goblin makes up for with his high mobility and dodge.

Talents Edit

Talents can be trained once every 5 levels.

Talent (once every 5 levels) Description
Small wounds heal by themselves Adds (or increases) healing over time.
Consuming enemies is more efficient. Get more resistances from eating enemy hearts
Cold and Fire resistance, but no health growth. Get a bonus to cold and fire resistance.