Quests in Vanilla Bagel: The Roguelike don't have any specific names. Therefore, the names used for the quests here only serve a descriptive purpose. You start quests by talking to NPCs that have a green "T" on their tile. This implies they have dialogue, some of which will result in a questline. Don't forget to return to NPCs if you think they are somehow related to a quest you've just progressed in, as they might have new dialogue.

For the purpose of ease of use, quests and more simple tasks (e.g., solving the quiz answers) have been grouped together.

List of Quests Edit

"Name" Starting Location Quest Giver Description
The Quiz Western Passage Pires-Tich Answer the questions correctly to get 1 gold
The Test Western Passage Razi (Likely) the main quest line
The Pact Western Passage Lim Receive items by agreeing to a mysterious pact
Arrowcrafting Soury Village Harraka Deliver a sword to learn how to craft arrows
Demon Jail Soury Village Demon Jailor Discover more about the demon presence
Keys and Doors Western Passage Sir Dadrodes Get your first key to start learning about the doors
Joining the Blue Robes Blue Robes Raghar Prove your allegiance to the Blue Robes
Bearded Kobold Scroll Temple of Silence Jail Boar's Head Kill the Bearded Kobold
... ... ... ...