Secret areas can spawn throughout the entire game and they seem to be drawn from a pool of secret areas connected only to the specific location. Some secret areas always spawn, but may be at a different part of the map of its associated location (e.g., the secret jail always spawns in the Soury Village, but the exact location of the hidden lever to access it changes with every game).

Generally speaking, there are four types of secrets you can encounter throughout the world:

  • Destructible Walls: Often (but not always) portrayed by wooden planks. These walls can be destroyed by throwing an explosive potion at them.
  • Secret Walls: These walls look a little different from the other walls and standing adjacent to them reveals a hidden lever. Pulling this lever opens the wall to reveal the secret area behind it.
  • Locked Doors: Can only be opened with either an exquisite key or an exquisite master key.
  • Open Areas: Some areas are open and just require you to explore the map. They require no explosive potions, keys, or careful examination of tile graphics.