This is a village that can be reached from the world map. Its location is always shuffled between the other starting locations, but it has no gameplay impact.

NPCs Edit

There are various NPCs here:

  • A blacksmith who sells 2 shields and 1 sword, each for 1 gold
  • An arrowsmith who sells a bow for 3 silver or 3 arrows for 1 copper. He also gives you a quest which teaches you how to make arrows once you complete it.
  • The mayor of the town, who is involved in a quest.
  • A demon, who is hiding in the hidden jail

Secrets Edit

The Soury Village is filled with randomly generated secret areas. Make sure to look at the wall tiles for any tiles that visually stand out. Standing next to such a tile can cause the action "Pull Lever" to appear in your action list. Some secrets are not locked behind hidden levers or destructible walls.

The following secrets tend to spawn in the Soury Village:

  • A (sometimes hidden) room with bear traps and sometimes portal pebbles to the Subterranean Dwarves and Goblin Village zones.
  • One or more rooms with random potions.
  • A passage to the Blue Robes hidden by a secret wall that can be opened by pulling a lever. This is usually located at the bottom of the map, in or near Arrakar's house.
  • A secret jail, hidden behind a secret wall that can be opened by pulling a lever. This jail always contains the broken sword, with Fire Attack and Magic Attack on Miss, but very low attack damage.
  • A destructible wooden wall (use explosive potions) usually spawns in the middle of the map and may contain an exquisite key.

Connections Edit

  • Stairs leading to the World Map
  • (Hidden) Stairs leading to the Blue Robes
  • (Hidden) Stairs leading to the Secret Jail