This is the starting area of the game and the area you will return to when you resurrect by means of a resurrection pebble. You will find the book of legends and a starters guide in the Inn on the north-western portion of the map.

This zone contains a shrine at which you can upgrade your gear by spending XP.

In the bottom-left corner of the map is Pires-Tich's house, where you can find a steel ingot. In the Rooster Inn, on the right side of the map, you can find the "Book of Legends" and a starters guide.

NPCs Edit

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Pires-Tich Edit

An old guy who wants to quiz you on the world.

Razi Edit


Lim Edit


Quests Edit

The following quests can be started in this area:

  • The Test, by talking to Razi
  • The Quiz, by talking to Pires-Tich
  • The Pact, by talking to Lim